Jon Gindick's When We Die, We All Come Back As Music CD

Jon Gindick's When We Die, We All Come Back As Music CD

Jon Gindick

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Like great songs, great production, great harp? This is Jon’s first album: 10 original songs including the title track.

“When We Die, We All Come Back As Music. What else could we possibly be? But emotional vibrations that sing a special language in a way, if act, expresses, life’s deepest mystery…”

All songs written by Jon Gindick. Ralph Carter produces, and plays many of the instruments.

This review appeared on the music website Damn Good Tunes: “Song after song Jon Gindick laid one surprise after another on me. I have never heard anything like this music….It is so outright original and entertaining it’s hard to imagine why music like this hasn’t spread like wildfire across the planet!

All the elements are there; great words, instrumentation and production – top notch. But that’s not even the kicker…it’s Jon Gindick’s soulful beautifully melodic choice of song structure – how the vocals dance through your head as a journey through an enchanted dreamscape of love, loss, pain, anger and joy like only a true legend would know how to deliver. Sometimes a crooner in the classic style, at times rough and raspy and others so subtle you can almost hear a secret you’re not supposed to know! I have not been this surprised by a record or an artist since we started this web magazine over five years ago. And this CD will become one of my most cherished – right up there with Layla and Let It Be. It’s that good!”

— Bruce J. Maier, Damn Good Tunes