Jon Gindick's Bending & Tone Workshop CD

Jon Gindick's Bending & Tone Workshop CD

Jon Gindick

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Let’s be honest, it’s all about tone…and almost everybody does it wrong– and gets lousy tone as a result.

Be honest do you like your tone? Do your bends actually change pitch, like separate notes?

Does your tone get better when you bend, or worse?

This audio lesson will help you get richer tone, deeper vibrato, and develop pinpoint timing and accuracy in your bends. If you have been playing for years and have so-so tone, that is about to change. If you are just starting out, start out right. Let’s start at square one. Your foundation. Your tone. Your breath, Your body. How you put the harp in your mouth..”

From here, from the proper foundation, start bending notes to make the hair on your arms shiver.

You can bend and play with great tone. All any beginner/intermediate needs is to handle the fundamentals correctly. Unfortunately, most of us start off getting the wrong kind of single note and never get professional tone.

That’s about to change!

1. You might be someone with no musical experience.
2. Maybe you tried to get “the sound” before, but failed.
3. Maybe you are a good harmonica player now and want better tone and bending.

In 62 minutes, I’ll demonstrate, inform, inspire, motivate and relax you in a lesson designed to get you bending with rich, clear tone.

We promise: even one listening will advance your playing immeasurably. Work with it daily, every day, for a week, and you’ll experience break-through results in every aspect of your harmonica playing, and jump several levels of bending proficiency.

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