Jon Gindick's Rock n' the Folk CD and Booklet

Jon Gindick's Rock n' the Folk CD and Booklet

Jon Gindick

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Advanced Beginners

Formerly known as Rock n’ Blues Lesson II , “Rock’n the Folk” this is a fairly difficult amplified harp/ band audio lesson with 10 page tab and explanation booklet.

It takes you to an advanced level in a spectacularly easy way.

The goal is to to learn to play and improvise on cross harp melodies such as “Frankie and Johnnie” and “Red River Valley.”

This gives you the beginning of a repertoire that everyone will know, understand and relate to.

It also teaches you to use the cross harp bends and unbends as important melody notes.

It teaches you how to play blues riffs and use blues harp techniques such as

Now, you’re blues-playing/improvising with expertise.

This is a tremendous lesson that integrates melodic thinking with riff pattern thing in the service of improvising on a melody. The recording starts with a 30 minute lesson that teaches you many new riffs and techniques and how to use them.

Then we learn, using songs “This Train”, “Oh Susannah”, “Old Smokey”, “Red River Valley” “Home on the Range”, “Bill Bailey” , “Frankie and Johnnie” played Cross Harp, and with the band’s backing, we improvise on them as blues and jazz.

The booklet may be small but it is good! It provides notation of every song and riff plus improvisational options and guitar chords.

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