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SEYDEL Prime Set...our best instruments

This exclusive set consists of our best instruments packed into an elegant collector's box. A must-have for collectors, fans and musicians who are looking for that "something special." The outstanding quality of our harmonicas is the direct result of quality, hand-made craftsmanship at our factory in Klingenthal/Germany.

The SAXONY Chromatic is the first series-produced chromatic harmonica to include durable, responsive Stainless Steel reeds. Professional players worldwide rely on the dynamic, clear sound of the SAXONY and appreciate the excellent tonal control in an unrivaled airtight design.

The 1847 NOBLE is the flagship of our successful 1847 Blues harmonica family. Legendary players across the globe have searched for the perfect harmonica to produce their signature sounds and have ended their journeys with the SEYDEL 1847.

Both models share wonderful sound through improved durability and tuning stability thanks to our unique Stainless Steel reeds.

We use anti-corrosive material for all parts in both instruments, like German Silver for the reedplates, stainless steel for the reeds, rivets and the matte finished coverplates, and precisely milled, coated aluminum for the combs. We put the finishing touch of class on the SAXONY with a silver-plated mouthpiece.

The 1847-pendant with chain, both made of Sterling silver (925) and black onyx body is a must-have for all harmonica fans - furthermore all good things come in threes and the necklace complements our Prime Set making it a high-quality trio.

Our finest instruments with stainless steel reeds packed into an attractive collector's box:

Please choose the desired key for your instruments (Set up your own set):

  • SAXONY Chromatic : possible keys are C, C-Orchestra or G
  • 1847 NOBLE: possible keys are LC, LDb, LD, LEb, LE, LF, LF#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E und F.
  • The silver 1847-necklace is included with every configuration of the SEYDEL Prime Set.

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