Farmer Archtop Harp Holder includes free USA shipping


Farmer Archtop Harp Holder includes free USA shipping


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The Farmer ArchTop Harp Holder is designed to stand up to aggressive harp playing without sacrificing style and ease of use. With an adjustable harp angle, a solid frame, and memory-locking hinges, the ArchTop helps you play your heart out for decades to come – and look good doing it!

Start with an ArchTop and consider adding on the options below to get the most out of your harp holder.

  • Patented cradle features a very strong rare earth magnet for quick, one-handed harmonica swap outs. Secures nearly all harmonicas made by: Lee Oskar, Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, etc.*
  • Locking hinge holds your harmonica where you set it, and will never come loose and let you down mid song.
  • Quick drop hinge lowers the harmonica with a simple fingertip push; no more wing nut slip.
  • Memory lock hinge remembers your micro-adjusted position every time; no more fiddling for the perfect position.
  • Harp cradle features angle adjustment for personalized comfort and positioning of the harmonica.
  • Handmade in our shop with stainless steel, rare earth magnet, leather, and a hand wrapped handle bar tape for neck comfort.
  • Includes Farmer Pouch – Small.

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