Seydel 1847 Limited Edition 3D INDIAN SUMMER HOODIE. Includes Free USA Shipping.


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Seydel USA Drop Ship sometime in October

Seydel Black hoodie with 1847 logo; 3D-embroidery yellow on black or black on black


The casual SEYDEL 1847 hoodies - a must-have for all streetwear fans!

Hoodie, hooded sweater, sweater with hood - no matter what you call it, the hoodie is a garment that should not be missing in any wardrobe. It is comfortable, stylish and extremely suitable for everyday wear.

The special feature of the new SEYDEL hoodie* is the elaborate 3D embroidery: a special foam is placed under the elements that are to get the three-dimensional effect and then embroidered over. A real eye-catcher - high quality and classy, while still matching any outfit!

LIMITED TIME OFFER - only available for order until 28.09.2023! Your hoodie will be produced afterward and we deliver in October.

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