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I've tried every way to drop the pitch of harmonica reeds - abrasive wheels and nibs, sanding wands, scratching the reed diagonally with a file, razor blades, and God knows what else, and nothing beats this draw scraper for most situations.

I've also been using this tool lately to tune reeds up as well as down. In other words, you can use this scraper at the tip of a reed as well as at the base of a reed, and do all of your fine tuning with this one tool instead of going back and forth with files.

I used to sell these with a handle. I don't anymore. For one thing, the bit is 2" long and I find I can use it without a handle. I have a couple of friends who have been doing this for years with no problems. If you want a handle, you can buy a pin vise handle here or through the drop-down menu.

  • it does not need batteries or a place to plug in a power chord
  • it removes mill marks on brass reeds and this makes them resist stress fractures
  • it responds to a very light touch for fine tuning, but will also remove metal fast with a heavier stroke to make quick and big pitch drops
  • you can drop the itch of blow reeds (and in some cases the draw reeds) without even taking the harmonica apart.

The draw scraper has a razor sharp edge that peels off a ribbon of brass as you pull the edge toward you. This version of the draw scraper has a 1/16” wide blade that fits easily inside a slot as well as the holes in the mouthpiece of diatonic and chromatic harmonicas so you can drop the pitch of blow reeds without taking the reed plates off of the comb.It gives you complete control over removing brass from the end of the reed near the rivet.

This draw scraper is made of heat treated high carbon steel that is cut and precision ground and then hand sharpened to a razor sharp edge. The super sharp edge peels off a thin brass ribbon easily. It is mounted in a plastic pen holder handle that is very comfortable to hold and use.

Please don't use this tool on stainless steel reeds - the extra hardness of stainless steel causes the edge of the scraper to break down.

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