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This set is made up from Suzuki. They price this set to dealers at a discount. This is why dealers can price this set at this type of pricing.
We can not substitue keys and sell them in this case at the same price as the keys listed. Also Suzuki does not offer these cases separately.

The Right Key for Every Song

This boxed set of Bluesmaster harmonicas gives the working musician the best of both worlds combining the affordability of the Folkmaster with our world renowned Promaster. Bluesmaster features our ultra thin, Phosphor Bronze laser tuned, bendable, reed system and smooth easy to handle polished stainless steel reed covers. This professional harmonica delivers superb sound projection and tonal clarity. The set includes a durable foam lined, divided case with a snap lock top that keeps your harmonicas together and positions your harps for easy access.

Please note. The harmonicas do not come in individual cases, just one master case.

Bluesmaster 6 key set: G, A, Bb, C, D, F

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