Kongsheng Lyra High Quality 12 Hole Chromatic Harmonica Includes Free USA Shipping


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Lyra key C not available until 7-15-24

1. Stainless steel mouth pieces and slide, without any coating, which means will be never oxidized.
2. Aluminum comb creates brighter tone and good airtightness.
3. Lyra creates incredible smooth feeling.
4. Stainless Steel Cover Plates.
5. 1.3mm brass reedplates, phosphor bronze reeds.
6. Available in 3 Keys G, A, C

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Len McWilliams
Great sound and feel. Outstanding value.

Limited tuning options. The upper register my instrument will require some adjustment.
Use it to switch off with my Seydel Symphony 48 during long practice sessions. It holds its own with the Seydel harp--though the Seydel IS better :-)

David Sherman
Love my Lyra

This was my first chromatic harmonica with valves. It took me a while to get used to the lower notes. This is common with valve harmonicas. It also took a few weeks to break in. So be patient. Once I improved my technique I was able to appreciate what a good harmonica it is. I have since bought a few other brands but the Lyra is my favorite.

Good harp

I only have two chromatics, a Suzuki SCX 14 hole and now the Lyra. The Lyra seems like a good harp. The mouthpiece is smooth and well shaped. The slide is flawless. The extra weight for me is not noticeable. It seems very well built but I jave not yet had it apart. The tone is good but not quite as rich and deep as the Suzuki.

Stan Broniszewski
Kongsheng Lyra Review

The Kongsheng Lyra has become my favorite harmonica. I've actually pushed aside all others I own. The quality is second to none. I'm hoping they'll offer a Bb, which is my preferred key in the near future.

Denis Argondizza
My best Chromatic yet

I have many of the top brands of Chromatics and I would equal if not surpass many of the higher end chromatics, not only in quality build but in sound. Intend to get the short stroke gold and hopefully a 1664,1456 and low-c or even an orchestra tuned in the future.