EastTop 10 Hole Professional Blues Harmonica with Riveted Reeds T008L


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There is no warranty on these folks. You might need to gap or tune to make a really nice affordable harp.
Available in 12 standard keys.  Please contact us before ordering multiples of one key.

Material: phosphor bronze reeds, brass reed plate(1.2mm thickness) with electroplate, brass cover with white paint, might have acrylic or painted comb

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jim McBride
Bright and responsive

I have a Bb and its very bright and responsive. A really nice playing harp. The 2 and 3 draw bends are smooth and easy to hit. Sound is on the bright side, but I like that. The reed plate was a little sharp on the corner, but a couple passes with a small file and its no problem. I'm not a fan of the white covers, but for the price I can overlook it. If you're looking for quality and low price harps to fill your case, or maybe get some backups, then these are a good choice.

Dennis Michael Montgomery
The family that plays together stays together

I like this harp. It has a little weight to it and so is rather sturdy and with its white and gold finish it's also nice to look at. However, what I really like about it is it's fairly easy to play, sounds descent, and it is moderate in price. I've had fun playing this harmonica. In fact, I like it so much I've ordered five for a family. One for mom, one for dad, and three for the little sons. The family that plays together stays together.

Matthew David
Pretty Darn Good

I've had some T008K's, and I wanted to try some other Easttops, so I bought this L and also the S, both in Bb. Been playing them both a lot for a week or so now, trying to discern the differences between them, and if I clearly find one "better" than the other. I have to say I can't find major differences as far as my playing is concerned. The S is heavier in weight, and maybe a bit louder with the same force of air. They both play pretty well if you don't blow too hard, and if I do I find they're not as nimble. I'd like to sand the draw plates on both, which I haven't done, and maybe the combs as well, although the S is said to have a flat sanded comb. The S required some reed profiling on the 2 and 3 holes, while the L did not, and the L gave the 6 OB out of the box, while the S not so much. They are both very playable harps, and maybe the best available at the price. All in all, I'd recommend either harp, and maybe figure on some reed work and some sanding to enhance the already very good playability.