Seydel Diatonic Beltbag for 12 Blues Harmonicas Belt Bag 930012


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Practical beltbag for 12 instruments from the Blues series
Suited for the tenhole diatonics (fits for 12 instruments)

  • made of sturdy synthetic cloth
  • instruments in upright position, access from the top
  • with practical belt clip at the backside

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Bradt
Seydel Belt 12 Harp Bag

This is my favorite large Harmonica carrying bag!
Being for larger Seydel Harps the harp slots are large!
I can easily fit 12 Hohner harps into this well constructed, handy soft carry case. I can fit 14 Hohner Rockets into this case and still zip up the bag, with a little effort without too much trouble ;)
I prefer this case more than most, because I can stand it up and see the ends of my harps with my glow in the dark key tabs on the ends.
The bag is very nicely made. It has very nice individual sleeves for each harp. The material is strong and very well made. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a good place to keeps harps on the go or on your desk :) John Bradt

Steve Harvell
Seydel 12 Harp Carry Bag

My daughter gave this to me for Christmas and is very well made and compact....Even with 12 harps it is still easy to slide them in and out and to zip it up...I highly recommend this as a way to carry your harps as opposed to a larger carry case :)