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BadAss Harmonica

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BadAssCombKey™ Harmonica Key Stickers

Harmonica Key Stickers that last, won't leave nasty residue, and look professional!

For years most players have labeled harps by hand with a Sharpie. That lasts a little while, and then you have to repeat the whole process over & over, for the entire life of the harp. I was never truly happy with that solution, but was also unimpressed with other methods. This past year BadAss Harmonica started using these great Harmonica key stickers which have been tested for years to last and stay on harps, while also leaving no residue if you ever need to remove them.

CombKey™ Stickers are for the combs and are 3/16" square with transparent background, one sheet of 270 stickers, available in White, Black, or Brown

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