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Harp ROD Effects

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We only ship these pedals to USA addresses. If you are outside the USA, please order directly from Rod or one of his outside the US retailers.  Thank you kindly. 



The body, the bass of the harmonica. The Fatness knob acts on the frequencies that generate the low mids but without losing clarity in the low notes.


This knob controls the definition of the harmonica. Many times when we want to give our sound a little more shine we end up invoking our enemy the coupling. The Bite knob allows you to give the sound more presence without promoting very high frequencies that can sound unpleasant or that can detonate a feedback.

9v dc center negative. No battery.


Any power supply designed to work at 9v with a negative center.

Are the pedals true bypass? Yes, the Harp Mojo (and all Rods pedals) are true bypass.

If you need any patch cables you can order here.

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I´m a harp player. I play early electric Chicago blues, so I am always looking for the sound of the classic records that we love. I have recorded a couple of albums with my band Rod and the Chucos Suaves. You can check it on Youtube, they are free!

In 2020, due to the quarantine imposed by Covid-19, there was plenty of time, so I decided to fulfill a long-cherished dream: build my own electric toys!

I researched how to build effects pedals and put together several (more than I needed, of course) and little by little I began to understand how everything worked. Building guitar effects and trying to get them to work on the harmonica was my favorite hobby that pandemic year.

The pedals that I offer here are the result of that hobby mixed with the passion about the amplified harmonica tone and my experience as a gigging musician.

Each pedal has been designed by me and tested by various harmonica players around the world. Each pedal is built by hand at home, one small component at a time, and each pedal is tested by me before shipping.

Thank you for your interest  and support to Rod Harp Effects!

Comparing Mojo and Midnight Drive :

The Harp Mojo is an EQ designed to make your amp sound better. So, if you like the sounds of your mic and amp combination the Harp Mojo can make it sound even better. Of course, it can change the sound of an amplifier at extreme settings if that is what you need or want.

On the other hand the Midnight Drive is designed to give you a distorted sound but without losing the dynamics range. Also, if the tone knob is at noon the tonal characteristics of your original tone remain the same, the pedal only adds grit. If you move the tone knob the sound can become brighter or warmer. Plus it has an independent boost so you can have a second gain setting in one click.

Do you want a nicer tone? The Harp Mojo is the answer
Do you want to add grit without losing your own tone? The Midnight Drive is the answer.



All pedals have a full 5-year warranty.
The warranty applies to the pedal, not the original buyer, so even if you got the pedal used you can still apply to it.

The warranty covers any malfunction of the mechanical parts and the circuit. The repair is free, you only have to pay the associated shipping costs.

The full warranty is void if the pedal has been modified in any way, or if it has suffered direct damage due to user negligence (spilled beer, for example).

If the warranty is voided, we will repair the pedal, but you will have to pay the cost of the spare parts in addition to the associated shipping costs. 

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If you're looking for a pedal for harp, this is definitely the one you need. Fat, full, and unbelievable clarity. I hooked it up to my 5 watt Hohner Hoodoo Box. I hit the switch, played a couple bars and then just sat there and giggled.