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Andrew Zajac

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Full Toolkit: 

-Extended French Tuner™
-Five Cent Tuning Tool™
-Grobet Tuning File 0-cut
-The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™
-Dual Reed Wrench
-Embossing tool
-Reed support tool/Plinker
-Brass Reed Tool Set
-18g Hockey Stick
-Reed replacement Kit
-Stainless Steel harmonica screws - 105 pieces:
10+ pieces M2 12mm
30+ pieces M2 10mm
30+ pieces M2 nuts
30+ pieces M1.6 10mm
5 pieces M1.6 Nut
-Shim Stock (three pieces)
-Instructions Pack and email support 

This complete kit will help you with every aspect of upgrading your harmonica including:

- The Reed Plate Claws and Flatness Tool are the most effective tools available to make your harmonica airtight.
- The tuning tools work to save you time by allowing you to tune with the reed plates on and off the comb.
- The Brass Reed Tool, Reed Support tool/Plinker and embossing tool can perform advanced techniques like reed work and embossing.
- Replace reeds like changing a string on a guitar.

 These tools are hand-made. They are made to work with all brands of diatonic harmonica.
Toll-Free in USA and Canada: Dial 1-877-262-3994
If I am away from my workbench, please leave a voice message including your contact information so that I can get back to you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Doyle
Fantastic Tools...

Just a great set of tools! Added bonus is the fact that he has posted so many YouTube videos sharing his customization techniques. Great tools and a fantastic fellow harp loving player/tech. RockinRonsMusic is the US Dealer for all of Andrews tools.

Eric Uren
Top-notch Tools for Pros!

Andrew has been working on my harps for two or three years now, and I'll never forget the first time I tried a Hohner Special 20 that he'd done... (tuned, gapped, embossed, airtight) and was shocked at what a huge difference it made. The resonance and volume were incredible.
I was lucky enough to attend a full-day workshop on harmonica repair with him last year. Included in the cost of the workshop was a full set of his tools. It was great to have Andrew describe each tool and demonstrate its use, and to see the care he puts into their manufacturing. The materials he uses are top-notch, and the tolerances he works within are exacting. He really has thought of everything.

I highly recommend the full tool kit for anyone serious about working on harmonicas.

Eric Uren
Kingston, On