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FREE USA SHIPPING. All keys in stock!!!!!!
Please note: Our Marine band Deluxes are supplied to us from KHS AMERCA/HOHNER USA via Hohner Germany. When you buy from RockinRonsMusic, the Hohner USA Warranty is quick and easy. Just let them know you bought it from us and there will be no problems.

Back to the roots - state of the art.

For more than 100 years, the Marine Band has been the favorite harmonica of artists like Little Walter, Paul Butterfield and Kim Wilson. Ever since 1896, discerning professional harmonica players in search of an unmistakable and unique sound have played the Hohner Marine Band as their instrument of choice.

The Marine Band Deluxe is a contemporary addition to the Marine Band legacy. Combining the features of the legendary harmonica with a variety of state-of-the-art improvements, the Marine Band Deluxe produces greater volume and faster response while retaining the richness and power of the harmonica's classic sound.

The key features and benefits of the Marine Band Deluxe include:

  • The classic Marine Band sound
  • Improved cover design for greater volume and enhanced stability
  • Assembled with 3 reed plate screws and 4 cover screws to maximize air tightness and facilitate maintenance (which makes it service friendly)
  • Sealed pear wood comb
  • Rounded channel openings and outer corners for greater playing comfort.
  • The tuning is rooted somewhere between A=443 and A=445, using a light temperament, with 5 and 9 draw tuned sharper than the MB Classic
  • MB Deluxe has cover plate screws not nails, Deluxe has open back and heavier gauge screws holding down the reed plate. Also, Deluxe has triple lacquered front comb like a Crossover. The screws and heavy laquer alone make it worth the upgrade.
  • Includes a zip up pouch.

Reeds: 20
Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm;
Comb: sealed Pearwood
Length in cm: approx. 10.0
Available in these keys: G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F
These are the eleven keys that Hohner produces these in. They do not produce them in LOW keys.
Low keys are offered in the Rocket LOW and Thunderbird models.

Order replacement reed plates from here

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Mark Scatena
Diggin’ the Deluxe

Can’t say anything negative about any of my harmonicas, but my new B flat Marine Band Deluxe is pushing this style into the lead. These harps are like a 1960s muscle car.

Mark Scatena

Great service and great harmonica!!!! You gotta be crazy to shop anywhere else. I am very impressed. My go to from now on!! Thanks💪‼️


Rockin Ron’s is the best. Nuff said.

Rob Sawyer
Another winner from Hohner!

My kit includes two RR-built Marine Band Deluxes, A and Bb, plus a number of Crossovers and Blues Harps. I'd been curious about how the out-of-the-box Marine Band Deluxe might play, and so just got a C from Rockin' Ron. While the search for one's "perfect" harp might be never-ending, and while different players find different plusses from lots of different makers and models, the Marine Band Deluxe might just be it for me from here on out. Great playability and comfort, and great build quality. Plus, that Marine Band sound in an instrument I can easily take apart and service.

Alan Mathis
Excellent Service

These guys deliver! Not only in the products they offer but in superior customer service. I left them a voicemail message with technical question on an old harp mic and not only did they call me back, but they had researched it and gave me great advice. Thanks Paul and Ron!