Richard Sleigh Bundle: Hot Rod Your Harmonica DVDs + Book, Circle Wheel Position Finder, And 2 Pc Reed Wrench Set. Includes Free USA Shipping

Richard Sleigh

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A series of 19 videos on 2 DVDs that cover Tuning, reed adjusting and fine tuning, reed replacement, a very detailed series of videos on embossing slots, and tools of the trade. Many close up shots that take the mystery out of what you need to do to make high end customized harmonicas and maintain them. Includes a book that has more resources and notes on the videos.


A set of two cards with wheels that you move to change the root note.

One card shows you what harp to choose to play a song in a particular key depending on what position you want to play in. It shows you all twelve positions.

The other card shows you all twelve scale degrees in the key or root note of your choice. You can use this information to transpose keys, find out the notes in various scales or chords, and then find them on your harmonica.

Richard designed these cards after being frustrated with circle of fifths wheels that packed in so much information that you end up with a headache from trying to ignore all the information that does not answer your immediate  questions as a harmonica player:  
1. How to quickly see the options you have for playing in different positions.
Most harp players can figure out 1st, 2nd and 3rd position fairly quickly from memory, but 5th, 4th, 12th positions don’t always come to mind fast enough when you are playing with a band. When you use this tool you end up experimenting a lot more with the lesser used positions because you know what your options are quickly in the heat of battle...
2. How to decode scale degree formulas for chord progressions, scales, and arpeggios quickly instead of having to construct the notes of the 12 scales off the top of your head. The scale degree finder is also very popular with song writers and people who play other instruments.

When you order the cards from Rockin Ron, you will get instructions on how to get a series of PDFs with additional information:

• How the structure of the major scale leads to the structure of the circle of fifths.
• A five page quick start guide with examples on how to use the cards to solve
basic musical / harmonica problems
• A complete set of harmonica note layout and scale degree layout diagrams that you can use for reference.
• A list of chord formulas and scales mapped out in scale degrees and note names

This set of reed wrenches gives you a wide range of options for tuning and adjusting blow and draw reeds:

  • A blow reed 'long neck" reed support makes it easy to tune blow reeds when the reed plate is attached to a comb.
  • A standard reed wrench for quick centering of reeds (opposite end of "long neck" reed support
  • A reed wrench with nibs that allows you to move a reed in any direction including backwards. This gives you precise control when attaching repair reeds with screws.
  • A reed support with a circular pad to support draw reed tips when filing. This is on the opposite end of the reed wrench with nibs.
  • Fits Hohner and Seydel.



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