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The Seydel Standard Model

  • Has an extremely airtight smooth-edged plastic comb
  • Brass recessed reedplates
  • Ergonomic cover sets producing a rounded sound
  • Diatonic harp with plastic comb and stainless steel covers - available in many keys from LD to F# and many special tunings - brass reeds

If you start as a beginner, then you should be aware, that this is the mother of all tunings, the so called 'Richter-Tuning'. The ingenious finding of the 'Diatonic Harmonica' is the work of this man.
Richter is said to be descent from the Bohemian area east of Klingenthal from a town called 'Haida'.
It's not really proven, however it's fact, that the 'Richter Harmonica' is only called 'Haidaer' by our employes since the beginning of the production more than hundred years ago.

All this shouldn't bother you when starting to play harmonica. The only important thing is, that you cannot fail completely when you start the adventure playing harmonica with this tuning.
Almost every great player has begun with it.
With the emphasis on blow notes you start to play folk music within five minutes, if you take the draw you start to dive into the magic of Blues and Rock'n Roll, the musical style this product line is named after.

Order replacement reed plates from here
Want a nice carrying bag for your harp? Check out the Seydel Beltbag here

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent Harp, Even Better Service

Ordered a Seydel Blus Session Standard. Really well made and reasonably priced harp. Very pleased.

There was a glitch with my order. I emailed regarding the problem. Even though it was Friday at closing time, I received a personal phone call from Rockin’ Ron’s to discuss addressing my problem. They were amazing and resolved everything above and beyond my expectations.

I reconfirmed why I always look first to Rockin’ Ron’s for ANYTHING harmonica related. Shop at Rockin’ Ron’s with confidence. I with this world was blessed with more companies like them.

(30-yr harp player)

John Bradt
Seydel (Brass Reed) Blues Session

Seydel (Brass Reed) Blues Session Harmonicas :)
I don't know why I haven't created a review on these outstanding Harmonicas sooner. I prefer these harps much more than Special 20's & Suzuki Bluesmasters & Harpmasters! You get the quality of Seydel & well tuned "Out Of The Box" Harp with brass reeds & usually on Steal Reed Plates that many players like! I wish I had bought a set of these years ago! :) PS The only person I've bought Harmonicas from in the last decade is Rockin Ron! Thanks again for your dependable, high quality service! John :)

Daniel Pertschuk
Larger holes work for me

Like everyone else I've tried a bunch of different harmonicas. I like the responsiveness of the Crossovers, but didn't like the way the rails felt on my lips and despite a lot of practice, I still felt like I was missing too many notes, especially on fast passages. I was curious about the larger holes on the Seydels but didn't want to spend a lot of money to try a harp that I might not like. I saw the session standard (brass reeds) as way to get a non sandwich harp with larger holes at a very reasonable price. OOB a number of the reeds needed some slight closing for me to be able to bend easily, but lo and behold, the larger holes work well for me and I'm hitting notes cleanly. This is not the most "twangy" harp, but if you play amplified, it won't matter. Also comfortable on lips, but I did have to file one corner of cover plate a bit. All in all very satisfied.

Ukulele Rob
Great value!

OK, so as I've cautioned in other reviews here, I'm a complete tyro, having played harmonica for less than a year. I have previously purchased Blues Sessions in Paddy Richter tuning for some Irish music, and just purchased the Blues Session in Low F for one particular reason: To perform a cross-harp break for the Beatles' "Taxman" at a local club on April 15th, in C rather than the original D. (Like Sir Paul, at a more advanced age the voice appreciates dropping everything at least a full step. As do the listeners.) I've reached the point where if I put my ukulele or guitar chords into a looper and take a break from the vocal to play a few triads on harp for variety, no one in the audience throws anything at me.

So with that caveat, here's what I think about the Seydel Blues Session: Price-wise it comes a few dollars under the Lee Oskar and the Hohner Special 20. I have a couple of each of those, and like them. Like those two harps, the Blues Session has consistent quality, a nice even volume and dynamic range over all 20 reeds, and to my mouth, a bit more comfort. I realize that Low F is the only first floor down on the low-tuning elevator, so as expected, no reed rattle on the one blow or draw. (But to my untrained ear, some real funk above and beyond the standard G sound, and certainly a ton more than standard F.)

To my ear my best harp sound-wise is my sole Hohner Crossover (in A), but each of my three Seydel Blues Sessions is at least 95% as good, at only a tad more than half the price. (And Seydel sends along those cool little leather sleeve cases as part of the deal!)

Bottom line: If you have a really high limit on your credit card, by all means go with the Hohner Crossovers, Seydel 1847s, Suzuki Manjis, et al., but Seydel has a real hidden gem going on with the Blues Session. It's not only a good value-match for a beginner, but would also be an excellent gas-money saver for the touring pro. As I may have mentioned in another review (and no knock on the great products Hohner, Lee Oskar and Suzuki are making), there are reasons why Charlie Musselwhite swears by Seydel, and great value is one of them.

And as with every other order I've placed with Rockin' Ron, the harp arrived about two minutes before I pressed the "confirm order" button, in perfect condition. (OK, I exaggerate a bit on the delivery time, but it does seem that Ron stays awake 24 hours a day just so he can confirm shipment within two minutes of your order, and given how his always-competitive prices include free shipping in the continental US, I'm not sure how he pays the rent and feeds his family. Definitely an A-List vendor in the customer service arena.)