Seydel PULMONICA® - The Pulmonary Harmonica with English handbook includes Free USA Shipping


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Deep, resonant, meditative sounding harmonica that gently pulses the lungs. Set with handbook in English

The PULMONICA® is a brilliant solution for patients who understand their lung function and want to take an active role in keeping themselves well.

Chest percussion and vibration ("chest physiotherapy") have long been standards of care for patients with pulmonary problems. The medical literature is replete with scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of chest physiotherapy in the treatment of individuals having difficulty clearing secretions. The PULMONICA® can be a useful supplement for existing physiotherapeutic methods.

  • breathe better in as little as two weeks. No musical ability needed
  • always sounds soothing just by breathing slowly and deeply
  • low frequencies loosen secretions with only five minutes use twice a day
  • promotes deep belly-breathing as a habit
  • smooth to handle and a joy to play
  • this is not a regular harmonica: Research shows benefits of low tuning
  • hand-made in Germany
  • anticorrosive stainless steel covers
  • meditative sounds are relaxing
  • detailed playing instructions included.
  • a great gift idea!

From January through May 2013, a medically supervised study with the PULMONICA was conducted at the Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota, Florida, under the supervision of Dr. William Weiss (s. video), who has served as the pulmonologist at the Senior Friendship Center for 18 years. All study participants were tested for and had Stage 3 COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) without other serious comorbidity, such as CHF (congestive heart failure).
Results from the Medically Supervised Trial were extremely positive (pic. 3). All of the patients improved in their quality of life assessment, spirometry, six minute walk, and everyone agreed that the more they played the PULMONICA®, the better they breathed and felt.
Please note: We don't know any secondary effects, but please talk to your MD before start using the PULMONICA® regularely. Please also read through the detailed description coming with the instrument.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Childers
Seydel Pulmonica Notes

I bought the harp a couple years ago from Ron's, for my Mother. She's returned it to me due to health issues. She felt it was mildly helpful but did not play it regularly. More info seems available now for my musical playing. The harp key is Low'G', (G2) and the tuning is Circular, or Spiral as you wish. I was thrilled! Seydel Sessions are not available from their custom shop in G2. This harp has a session sized comb with recessed reedplates, as opposed to the 1847s sandwich. Reeds are advertised as Stainless, which have provided me exceptional service in a dozen various harps. Reed setup may be different as claimed, but it plays and bends sweetly. In contrast to Seydels stock Session G circular tuning, which is actually a C scale, the G Pulmonica is a G scale, complete with F sharp notes. It plays well in the second key of D, with a flat 7th of course. The coverplates are taller on this harp, so the low notes don't rattle. Overall height is 23mm, which is 3mm thicker than the Sessions. I find the G2-C3 notes in the 2 lowest holes have marginal volume. Seydel's custom shop only offers D3 as the lowest note in Circular tune. This works great for me in G, D, or C scales, though I often wish for one more hole with a two more upper notes. If you want to try a very low tuned Circular Session, Pulmonica is likely the best option.