Seydel Session Steel Diatonic Standard Richter Tuning. 10301 Includes Free USA SHIPPING


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If you add valves it will take up to three weeks for delivery. Seydel will install your valves and ship direct to you. Info on Valves available here.

12 standard keys plus many low and high key options.

Blues Harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds, ergonomic covers and plastic comb. Many special tunings available.

The SESSION STEEL is the upgrade to our successful SESSION model is presented with a bold new look and superior technical reliability, excellent playability and a fantastic sound.

  • ergonomic coverplates made of stainless steel, completely rounded at the mouthpiece
  • ABS comb with recessed German Silver reedplates
  • rivets and screws made of stainless steel
  • lips and beard-friendly design
  • minimal air consumption achieved by fine-cut reedplates, optimized flatness and extremely
  • small tolerances between reed and reedplate
  • stainless steel reeds provide the best clear and full sound and response of the 1847 models
  • an up to 5 times longer playing life compared to models with brass reeds
  • with convenient genuine leather pouch

The SESSION STEEL - Sounds stronger - lives longer

Quantity discounts available.

Valving takes a couple weeks. Or consider the PT Valved Session Steel Model.

By placing a valve over the opposite reed slot we are trying to manipulate we can do additional blow and draw bends. For instance, by putting a valve over the 6th hole draw reed slot we can now blow bend hole 6 to get the major 7th. Likewise, if we place a valve over the 7th hole blow reed slot we can now draw bend hole 7.
The end result is the same as learning over blows except that this is a technique that most diatonic harmonica players already possess. The term half valving refers to the fact that we put a valve over the first 6 draw reed slots and the last four blow reed slots. That totals 10 valves out of a possible 20, or half. While some of the valves produce a half step bend that is already on the harmonica, (i.e. 4th hole blow bend is the same as 3 draw) the ability to shade or round off every note on the diatonic gives the instrument increased emotional content.

Order replacement reed plates from here
Want a nice carrying bag for your harp? Check out the Seydel Beltbag here

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Rister
A good first Seydel for those wanting to get into the brand

I don't play Seydel harmonicas because a lot of their pro-grade models are too expensive for me to purchase, reaching around $100 a pop, but I actually got a B Session Steel as a birthday present from my grandparents. Even though I don't regularly play it, I absolutely love this harp. I regularly play Hohner Golden Melodies, but the shape of this is pretty similar to it and the Suzuki Bluesmasters. The timbre of this harp is very warm and mellow, but very strong sounding. I don't know if this is attributed to the stainless steel reeds or some other factor, but I like it. Some people like to hate on this harp for "not being airtight" and I wonder if they got a bad one because my Session Steel is very airtight and not leaky at all.

Rob Sawyer
Definitely tops!

Just received from Ron's always-prompt shipping department my seventh Session Steel, an Ab. The prior ones are all six keys of the Summer Session harps Seydel does, six different colors from six different years. Happy to add the traditional Seydel orange to my multicolored set. Even happier with the way the Session Steels play. Granted, steel differs from the more traditional bronze used by other good manufacturers, and for some folks it might take a little getting used to. (See, e.g., some of the strange one- and two-star reviews for the Session Steel on Amazon. I'm guessing that more than a few were written by fairly new players, who, as their skills increase, will be re-thinking the Session Steel and editing their reviews to make them five-stars.) But having grown a few years with my Session Steels, I am more and more impressed with them. And with the simplicity of Seydel's recessed-comb set-up for them. This is a nicely-priced go-to harp that you'll end up playing for a long time.

Farrel Swope
A bad bad boy

This one is my favorite harmonica for playing fast. Amplified it gives a nasty sound that I feel cannot be matched. If you want to see it pushed hard check me out on youtube under Seyedel Session Steel pushed hard.

ron kinhg
seydel session steel

I have been playing for around two years and I'm almost 77. I've tried several different brands and seydel stainless steel reeds are the best. I'm still playing the first one I purchased. It sounds strong and beautiful, maybe It's indestructible. I'm still a novice? but I keep on trying.Doing business with Ron is always a positive pleasure I'll be purchasing more session steels Ron King