Seydel Solist Pro includes Free USA Shipping

Seydel Solist Pro includes Free USA Shipping


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We do not stock this model. Your orders will be sent directly from Seydel USA.
They use USPS and it will take approx 3-5 days.

The Solist Pro has the following features:

  • Brass reedplates optimized for loudness and extreme airtightness
  • Reeds specially set for best response
  • Half-flat covers for brilliant sound
  • Wooden body, multiple coats of sealant for a resistant finish

The wooden body is ground in two planes around the mouthpiece, so that the hole openings have an oval shape. At the same time, the front fits better to the lips, so that airloss becomes less.

With careful rounding of the dividers at the hole entrances, the kind of lip care is achieved that is usually only possible with plastic. This is additionally supported by the full sealing of the comb.

The surface left naturally after the grinding process provides a very self-contained design, distinctive and identically with the region our harmonicas are made.

Seydel no longer offers "brass" replacement reed plates. You will need to order 1847 Reed Plates if you want to replace your Solist Pro reed plates.

Order replacement reed plates from here
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matt Milan
Has potential

I happen to pick up one of these on a trip while I was in Cologne, Germany. Set up on this harp out of the box was pretty bad, holes 2,3,4 and five really need some Reed work to get the potential out of this thing. I can tell it has great tone because on the rest of the holes it sounds really good it’s rich and Woody and nicely raspy but unbelievably leaky so a little gap work and a little embossing should bring it into its full potential, I really wish they would do that at the factory so I don’t have to spend the time and money to make a well-made harmonica sound like it’s well-made . I’ve grown accustomed to having brand new Harmonica’s reworked by good repair guys because they rarely come ready to go. 3 stars. It’ll be 5 stars after it’s setup properly.

William Fisher

Wow!I cannot believe the quality of this harmonica for the money!I dont know how after 40 years of playing I have never owned a Seydel harmonica. Im going to get Burke T to customize a few of these things for me. Want the Seydel but love Brass reeds.

Great harp

Received a Low F as a gift from here. I really like harmonica. In perfect tune. Smooth comb.

Jim McDonald

I have owned several solist pro harps in various keys. I have a low D that is one of my go to harps. I think they are a good deal for the money. I do not find them to be leaky.

Alex Alafoyiannis
very leaky

Heard good things about this model, but right out of the box it is very leaky, i would not buy this. The Hohner MB much better value, and very air tight