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These are the best.

The pros know Suzuki. The Promaster series is used by some of the best harmonica players in the world because of playability and sound!

The valved series offers a revolutionary harmonica that features precision crafted reed plates for easy note bending and featuring Phosphor Bronze reeds. Draw cycle valve system circulates air to allow note bending in the blow as well as the draw cycle. You will sound great bending those notes!

Comes with a soft lined hard shell carrying case or a zip up pouch..

Order replacement reed plates from here

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Benjamin porter
Holy Moses!

This harp is surprising in its ability right out of the box. This s my first "valved" harp and it sounds fantastic.

Richard Ketchel
Very Good harp

I have about five of these. I have valved and two Olives. I do notice that if you have had the valved harps for a while the valves can tent to stick just a little. Only slightly noticable when I attack the note. But always overlookable. I put gaskets on all my harps - olives and promasters. That's where the quality really tops out! The gaskets are easy to install and make things really air tight. I can't tell of any air leaks. They are a very nice play even without the gaskets though. Vibrant loud sound. It's not a quiet harp due to the phospher reads.

James Mares
What a Great Harmonica

I only own one of these in the key of C, but I play it more than any other Harp in my rack. All the reeds have stayed on pitch. I think it is among the most durable 10 Hole harmonicas ever manufactured and the tuning is excellent. Really Precision Instrument. RockinRonsMusic has them in stock.