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Yonberg gives you the LA with a titanic innovation and strives for excellence by now offering a harmonica equipped with reedplates and Gamma® reeds of 100% titanium.
  • The remarkable lightness of titanium, almost half the weight of bronze or stainless steel, enables an optimal reactivity of the instrument. It is valued for its wide ease of triggering notes, which is even more significant in the highest notes.
  • Titanium ensures absolute hygiene due to its completely antibacterial nature. It is particularly suitable for people who are allergic to nickel.
  • Titanium also has the advantage of being totally resistant to oxidation which guarantees exceptional mechanical performances and remarkable longevity of the reeds.
  • The Typhoon titanium produces a crystal clear and warm sound.
  • The Typhoon titanium diatonic harmonica is made in France.
  • It comes in a box containing a mini screwdriver.

 Keys: the Typhoon titanium comes in the Richter Tuning keys of C, G, A, D and Bb.

  Technical specifications:

  • Covers*
  • Key cap*
  • Stainless steel, deep crystalline black rigid plates
  • Black screws
  • Black comb*
  • Titanium reed-plates and Gamma reeds®
  • Pivoting arms* that anchor the reed-plates
  • Patented Quick and Easy Dismantling System of the instrument to clean it very easily (QDS system)

* Tritan®, high performance food grade resin

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