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Shaker 1/4" M to XLR M 20' Harmonica Microphone Cable for Shaker Microphones by Rapco Horizon includes Free USA Shipping

Shaker Microphones

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This is a special Shaker Microphone cable designed to be used with Shaker Microphones and an impedance matching transformer in order to get that smoking hot & over the top, nasty & loud Shaker sound.

All Shaker mics are Hybrid Tone Tools. They utilize low Z elements wired as Hi Z units. This produces the distinctive Shaker tonality and response when coupled with our GNS (Good Noise Sampling) technology. GNS also reduces feedback to almost nothing. If you want to get louder, just utilize this special Shaker 1/4" M to XLR M cable into an impedance matching transformer at the input of your amp and zappo! KaBoom! It goes way loud and really pushes your amp.

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