Andrew Zajac Custom Hohner 365 and SBS (Steve Baker) 365 14 Hole Marine Band Custom Comb. FREE USA SHIPPING

Andrew Zajac

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Hohner 365 Marine Band

"Wow! What a difference your comb made on a Big River. ... man this harp really sings now. It has been hard to put it down. ... I would like to order some more. These are really worth every penny, great combs." - L.C. Colorado, USA.

Custom combs for Hohner 365 Marine Band.

Earth-friendly, high-performance combs made for demanding players. Ideal for all musicians who want great tone and "overblow-level" response from their instrument.

Dark combs made from an earth-friendly composite of 100 per cent recycled paper, resin produced from naturally occurring raw materials and selected natural pigments. This material is strong, dense, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and does not emit any volatile organic compounds. It has been certified food safe, contains no petroleum-based chemicals and doesn't have an odour. You can submerge the whole harp under water to clean it. I do. You can't do that with a wood comb - even if it's sealed. That criteria was on the top of my list when I went looking for a material from which to make combs. The material is made to get wet. I spray coolant on them as they get cut. They are sopping wet when I cut them because the material is so tough, the drill bit heats up. I found out I had to do that after I started a small fire in my shop once... We learn by making mistakes and I "learned" a lot! All info from Andrew Zajac.

I do not know of any material that is better suited for harmonica combs. These combs have all the benefits of a flat, unsealed Pearwood comb with none of the drawbacks. This material allows me to focus on flatness without compromising the look and feel. The affordable price reflects how manageable it is to produce excellent combs out of this material. But don't be fooled - these are my very best combs.

Dark combs have a glossy smooth front for comfortable playing. The sides and back of my Dark combs are lightly polished to a matte finish which has a nice appearance and feels comfortable to hold. Over time and with use, these surfaces will develop their own natural shine as they become worn in.

My Dark combs are superior to combs made out of Corian. They do not shatter when dropped on the floor, and their production has a much lower environmental impact.

Folks, if you have any questions about your combs after you receive them, please contact Andrew. We are not passing the buck. We are saving you time and getting you much better answers quicker. He wants to be the one to answer any concerns you may have regarding the combs he made.
Toll-Free in USA and Canada: Dial 1-877-262-3994

*All information taken from Andew Zajac's website

**NOTE: Harmonicas not included

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