Bushman John Lee. 10 Hole diatonic Harmonica. Includes Free USA Shipping.


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Cover plate: Stainless steel

Comb: ABS Plastic.

 Reed: Phosphor Bronze

 Zip up pouch.

This is a JDR Assassin with the Bushman stamp on the covers.

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About this item

  • The reeds undergo a low-temperature treatment process, resulting in flattened reeds and excellent airtightness for the harmonica. This enables easy overblowing and allows for the realization of various blowing techniques.
  • Blowing Comfortably. The mouthpiece position of the cover is ergonomically designed to optimize curvature. This ensures that even during prolonged play sessions, your lip muscles won't become too sore due to tightness.
  • 〖Elaborate Design〗Utilizing a 0.5mm thick cover made of stainless steel, we create broad support points on the back of the harmonica to prevent cover deformation. Additionally, a special coating process is applied to prevent fingerprints and water stains.
  • 〖Prevents Harsh Sounds〗A waterproof damping sheet is attached to the reeds, effectively preventing the harmonica from whistling. It is suitable for beginners and professional harmonica players alike.
Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in

A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, Low F

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Customer Reviews

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Pete Hogi
High Playability

I've been playing on one of these for a few weeks. From a playability perspective it is very, very good. Out of the box, all overblows and overdraws played with minimal effort. I was very surprised. Tongue blocked bends very easy. Tonge blocked overblows also relatively accessible. These clearly have had manual work done on the reeds and it comes through in the quality of playability. Tone is good. All in all I'd strongly recommend it for people learning to overblow.

The harp is very sturdy, and is on the taller side, like a Seydel session really makes you open up a little wider, so do these.

I usually play sandwich-style harmonicas with stainless steel coverplates, so I swapped another set onto these, and its my "go everywhere" harp.