DaBell Story Diatonic Harmonica 1101 Includes Free USA Shipping


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  • ABS Comb
  • Stainless Steel Covers
  • Brass Reedplates
  • Phosphor Bronze Reeds
  • Equal temperament
  • Made in S Korea
  • Also available in Harmonic Minor, Natural Minor and Melody tunings.

The Dabell Natural Minor and Melody Tuned harmonicas are labeled in 2nd position. Just like Lee Oskar harmonicas. Order the key of the song.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
“Wailing” Jon Fialkov
A Story With A Happy Ending

The build quality and tone of these harps is outstanding! I started with an A harp and rapidly procured a complete set in the common keys. These are airtight and very easy to play. They are an absolute bargain, and Ron’s service is impeccable.

ron king
dabel story

i bought four stories. three were great, the c was bad out of the box.luckily i have many c harps in my case. the reed plates cost too much, better to buy the whole harp. they remind me of the hohner rocket. if it weren't for that bad c i would give it a 5

Buddy McPeak

I ordered a couple of the Story harps in less played keys. I had seen a few reviews on Youtube and thought I'd try them out. I was amazed at the quality and how well they played straight out of the box. I bought one of the Cm and was immediately playing 'Minnie the Moucher'. They bend easily, the overblows weren't as easy as the Suzuki or Oscars but still achievable. These can easily become the new harps I goto. I'll certainly be buying a couple of more soon.

Gary Green
The Story-Surprisingly good

After playing the Dabell Noble, I thought I would try the Story. I prefer the recessed comb design over the sandwich. Being less expensive, I planned on being disappointed, but that wasnt the case . The response, tone and comfort are all exceptional. I have 10 in various keys and while Im usually not a fan of the brightness of the higher keys of Asian manufacturers ( Easttop , Kongsheng etc.), these are different. If you are a Special 20 player, Id suggest you try these. 5 stars for price point/quality

Neal Teeman
Review update

Update - After some extended practice and rinsing with my Story Harps I find them playing much better.Great tone and notes responding much better. This is a fine instrument.