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The Duo Harp Kwik Change is an ideal accessory for the harmonica player that uses a rack but wants to easily change harps. The Kwik Change allows players to easily change harps with one hand and hold two harps with one rack! Convert your old rack into a NEW Kwik Change rack today!

Works well with many harps: Hohner 1896, Special 20, Crossover, Deluxe, Golden Melody, Rocket, Suzuki Manji, Blues and Harpmaster, Lee Oskar, Seydel Session Steel, 1847 Series, Bushman Delta Frost. DOES NOT WORK with Lucky 13 Black or Shiny, DaBell, Kongsheng, Easttop, Suzuki Promaster, Promaster valved, Hammond or Firebreath, Pure Harp or the Seydel Summer Edition Session Steel model. Painted covers most likely wont work. Will work with the regular Session Steel and Session Standard. Best to ask first folks.

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