EastTop Blues Pro with Riveted Reeds T008K Paddy Richter Tuned includes Free USA Shipping


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Paddy Richter tuned.
There is no warranty on these folks. You might need to gap or tune to make a really nice affordable harp.

  • Material: phosphor bronze reed with rivets, brass reedplate(1.2mm) with electroplate, brass cover with black paint, ABS comb
  • Packing: each harmonica in one canvas bag
  • Content: harmonica + small cloth + canvas bag
  • Tuning: Paddy
  • Keys: G, A, C,  D

Paddy Richter tuning (developed by Brendan Power) allows a two octave scale suitable for melody-based music. It was developed with Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes in mind but is suitable for other melodic music also; it allows pentatonic scales in the stated key and up a fifth; for instance, an instrument in the key of G can play both the G and D major pentatonic scales throughout the length of the instrument). The tuning raises the 3 blow by a whole step e.g. from D to E on a G harp; this addition of the sixth also allows melodies on a harmonica's corresponding minor scale (e.g. E minor on a G harmonica) to be played an octave lower than would otherwise be possible without bending. The addition of this, however, adds an additional complication to playing harmonic music on the harmonica, requiring the 3 hole to be blocked when playing a tonic chord. The lower octave requires a bend on the 2 draw to achieve a missing note (on a G harmonica, a C when playing in G, or a C# when playing in D), which is also required on standard Richter-tuned harmonicas.

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