Hercules Guitar Strap and Headphone Holder HA700

Hercules Guitar Strap and Headphone Holder. HA700. Includes Free USA Shipping.


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The HERCULES Guitar Strap and Headphone Holder HA700 keeps audio cables untangled and organized, accommodates all Hercules Guitar Stands, Microphone Stands, Orchestra Stands.

The HA700 Accessory Hanger is a hook that clamps onto guitar stands and mic stands designed to hold headphones, guitar cables, and other items that can otherwise get in the way or fall off stools, music stands or other common spots musicians tend to set them.

It works great to set a harp holder on for rack players who use holders on certain tunes but need a place to set it.


  • Reduce the risk of tripping over straps on the stage floor.
  • The holder can firmly take headphones weighed under 2 kg. (4.4 lbs.)
  • Lightweight and handy, a useful addition for stage, studio, and home.


  • Arm Length: 108 mm (4.2")
  • Weight: 184 g (0.4 1bs.)
  • Load Capacity: 2 kg (4.41 Ibs.)

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