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Fun Melodica from Hohner

The Hohner 32B Piano Key Melodica is a fun, creative instrument that lets you explore a variety of styles from pop to jazz, polka to punk. This Instructor version of the Student Melodica has 32 piano-style keys and comes with a mouthpiece extension hose. With the Hohner 32B Melodica, you can chord or play lead — rock out or mellow out. 
A portable wind instrument that's played like a keyboard, the Melodica makes a great teaching tool. It's 100% acoustic, yet loud enough to lead an ensemble.
The Hohner 32B instructor melodica plays an important role in early musical education, and many musicians use the melodica on stage and on the road. It is small, portable, and 100% acoustic which allows you to take it with you and play in many places. The Instructor 32B has the tonal range of F to C.
  • 32 piano-style keys
  • Great to learn on — ideal for students and advanced players
  • Mouthpiece extension hose included
  • Padded zippered plastic case for storing and transporting