Hohner Special 20 Pink AND 38n Mini "Pink" Harmonica Necklace Bundle. Includes Free USA Shipping.


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Special 20 Pink key of C and 38n Mini Harmonica Necklace Key of C Bundle.

Join us in the fight against breast cancer.

A portion of your purchase supports research
through the American Cancer Society.

Pink is the new vibe! From the coolest of catwalks to the summer cinema blockbuster all in pink, to more serious subjects such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this year pink makes all other colors look out of date.

• Sturdy, moisture-resistant comb made of durable ABS
plastic in fancy pink
• Reed plates manufactured to the tightest
tolerances for maximum air tightness
• Ergonomically shaped stainless-steel covers for
comfortable handling
• Precision-machined brass reeds capable of
supporting heavy use
• All components assembled with screws for easy
 Packing: Transparent Plastic Pouch.
• Made In Germany
• With the flashy trending color pink you’ll really draw attention to your harp playing
• Proven playing characteristics combined with comfortable handling
• Full, powerful sound and super fast response
• Reliable performance under all climatic conditions

Combs will NOT be sold separately.

KEY OF C. Please note that the Rocket /Special 20 reed plates will fit the Pink Special 20.

Hohner 38N Mini 4 holes Harmonica Necklace Key of C with a beaded necklace attached to the harmonica

With Hohner 38N Mini Harmonica Necklaces - fashion meets function with Hohner's mini harp necklace! Strung on thick, silky black cording with colorful beads and silvertone accents, it appeals to everyone young and old, male and female.

A great way for customers to carry your message with them with a mini harmonica with full-scale sound! This petite harmonica is a genuine musical instrument brass reeds with nickel-plated covers, four holes, eight notes (one full octave.) Imprint one side either pad print one color or laser engrave

Mini Harp with beaded necklace. Miniature harmonicas not only make great gift articles, their tonal range of one full diatonic octave also makes them completely playable.


  • Color of the beads may vary
  • Key of C
  • Harmonica Length 1-3/8"
  • 4 holes
  • Comes with a beaded necklace attached to the harmonica

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