RR Build Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Reed Plates, Deluxe Covers, Andrew Zajac Custom Comb, MB Deluxe CP Screws, includes installation and free US Shipping


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RR Builds can take up to a week before shipping. Please be patient.

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Cover Plates and screws, Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Reed Plates and MB Deluxe CP Screws in the key of your choice, Andrew Zajac Custom comb in color of your choice, Draw Plates flat sanded, Installation and Free US Shipping.

Will be sent in the Stock Deluxe Pouch.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Les Rutherford

Looks great, plays even better. First class customer service, highly recommend. If you are on the fence just pull the trigger, you will not be disappointed.

Chris G
Amazing bang for buck

I initially bought one of these just to try them. I liked it so much that I immediately bought 8 more. The only 3 keys I didn’t buy were keys that I have relatively new Crossovers that I had recently setup myself. These save me the effort and as much as I like the sealed combs on the standard MBDs and Crossovers, the Zajac comb is a nice upgrade. Overall, a worth while step up from the standard MBDs and Crossovers, both of which I love.

Rob Sawyer
Great harp value!

My first RR-Built harmonica, in A. For less than $27 more than Ron's nice price for an OOTB MB Deluxe, you get an Andrew Zajac comb, and a flat-sanded draw plate. If you're not quite ready for a full-custom harmonica, Ron's build makes for a really nice upgrade from stock wood-combed Marine Band and similar Hohner models. Comfortable to play, bends come just a tad easier with the sanded draw plate, and the overall look of the harp is really nice. A really good value for a really good harmonica-playing experience.

Thos Ericsson
MB w/Zajac Comb

I'll keep buying these RR Built harps for the simple reason that they are the bee's knees. Great sounding plates (and a pre-flat sanded Draw Plate!) sandwiched around a custom Zajac comb. What's not to like?