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Support is included!
With the purchase of this product, you get full access to the information you need to get the job done. Just ask! Andrew will help you through the process if you need assistance

Almost every harmonica player had owned a Marine Band 1896 harmonica. They are the traditional gold standard diatonic harmonica.

For many, the fact they are assembled with nails can cause a problem if you want to improve the comb, perform reed work or embossing. This kit provides you with the necessary stainless steel screws and nuts as well as instructions to convert a Marine Band 1896 from nails to all-screw assembly.

(A pairing knife to open the Marine Band 1896, a drill and other commonly available supplies are not included with this kit but are easily obtainable.)

Nuts are used instead to adding the extra steps of tapping (creating a thread) the draw plate to speed up the process. This simplified approach is the easiest way to convert from nails to screws.

Six Stainless Steel M2 x10mm screws for the reed plates and the cover plates. Andrew, as many of the top customizers does not feel the cover plates need two screws/nuts on each end. He feels they only need one screw/nut on each side of the front of the harmonica. Here is the info per Andrew. "In all my videos and instructions, I point out that the two back cover plate screws serve no purpose and can cause harm if overtightened so they are omitted."
Six Stainless Steel M2 Nuts
One checklist to help you through the process

Three screws hold the reed plates to the comb and two more hold the covers on to the reed plates.

Only five screws and nuts are needed for this job but an extra set is included just in case... These screws have a Phillips head - No need to buy a weird-tipped screwdriver to use these!

Need a comb? You may add an Andrew Zajac custom Marine Band Comb. Please write in the color in the box provided.

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Customer Reviews

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Pete Burnett
Too Easy

I own several of Andrew's tools, with his help this can be accomplished in short order, I did a couple like this with great results. So my next step was buying taps they work great too. I love my "optimized" MBs.
Regards, Pete