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According to the Guinness Book of Records, the HOHNER Chord 48 is the largest harmonica in the world. Consisting of two separate instruments joined by hinges at the ends, it offers a total of 48 chords including all major, minor, 7th, diminished and augmented chords in 4-part octave voicings. Thanks to the revolutionary modular construction, each chord is located on its own separately mounted reed plate, permitting individual placement as desired. Furthermore, the lower of each pair of octave-tuned reeds is located on the inner rows of the instrument, thus enabling balanced microphoning and accentuating the bass. Designed by professionals for professionals, the Chord 48 is the most versatile chord harmonica on the market today.

Revolutionary construction for flexible chordal layout
All 48 chords are mounted on individual reed plates to permit complete flexibility of chordal layout plus easy maintenance

Balanced microphoning
The lower of each pair of octave tuned reeds is located on the inner rows to enable balanced microphoning and accentuate the bass

Durable plastic comb
Reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to resilient plastic comb

Completely assembled with screws
Completely assembled with screws for easy maintenance

Carrying case
Comfortable carrying case with shoulder strap

Reed plates (material, thickness):    brass, 1.05 mm
Reed plates (surface):    brass
Reeds (number, material):    384, brass
Comb (material, color):    ABS, transparent
Comb (finish):    ABS
Mouthpiece (surface):    ABS
Cover plates:    stainless steel
Type:    orchestra
Number of holes:    192
Length:    58.7 cm / 23.1"

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