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Andrew Zajac

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Full Toolkit: 

-Extended French Tuner™
-Five Cent Tuning Tool™
-Grobet Tuning File 0-cut
-The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™
-Dual Reed Wrench
-Embossing tool
-Reed support tool/Plinker
-Brass Reed Tool Set
-18g Hockey Stick
-Reed replacement Kit
-Stainless Steel harmonica screws - 105 pieces:
10+ pieces M2 12mm
30+ pieces M2 10mm
30+ pieces M2 nuts
30+ pieces M1.6 10mm
5 pieces M1.6 Nut
-Shim Stock (three pieces)
-Instructions Pack and email support 

This complete kit will help you with every aspect of upgrading your harmonica including:

- The Reed Plate Claws and Flatness Tool are the most effective tools available to make your harmonica airtight.
- The tuning tools work to save you time by allowing you to tune with the reed plates on and off the comb.
- The Brass Reed Tool, Reed Support tool/Plinker and embossing tool can perform advanced techniques like reed work and embossing.
- Replace reeds like changing a string on a guitar.

 These tools are hand-made. They are made to work with all brands of diatonic harmonica.
Toll-Free in USA and Canada: Dial 1-877-262-3994
If I am away from my workbench, please leave a voice message including your contact information so that I can get back to you.

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