EastTop Blues Pro with Welded Reeds T008S Includes FREE USA Shipping


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Easttop labels Ab as G# and Eb as D#. They of course are the same note.

There is no warranty on these folks. You might need to gap or tune to make a really nice affordable harp.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So so

Not terrible but For a few dollars more get a Mars no warranty on East Tops it just feels funny the way the top of comb and Reed plates meet kinda low

Bob G
Easttop blues harp 008

I concur with all reviews that praise this harp. It is built like a tank, bends strongly, has loud and bright tone. It’s astonishing for the money. One issue: I do find that reeds stick on this harp. I’ve often rolled up to a 6 blow and landed on nothing but air. 5blow too. But all in all, great for the money.

ronald r. king

I dont'gap or tune. but i didn't need to, to my ear they were in tune. thanks ron for your good,prompt service. ron king

Luis De Santis
Good harps

I am very pleased with the performance of these harps. They are loud, responsive and reasonably priced. The profile of the cover plates makes them slightly easier to the mouth than the cheaper (but still great) T008K.

Malcolm Tindall
Easttop 008S Bb

This is a really good harp. This arrived a day early and sounds great. All holes are in tune and I only needed to gap the two hole draw as it had a little softer sound than I liked for the way I play. The only other Bb harp I have to compare to is a Golden Melody and the 008S sounds better to me. If anyone is wondering if the Easttop is worth buying, just order one, you should be pleased.