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Hardcover case for 20 harmonicas and more

Now you can stop searching for the right case!

  • Case made of two hard covers, outside clad with tough synthetic weave.
  • On the inside covered with smooth cloth.
  • Robust zipper with two SEYDEL-Sun pulls.
  • Flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets holding for up to 20 Blues-Harmonicas stored in three racks - really protected and shockproof.
  • Each row has a flap equipped with velcro to close the pockets.
  • Two additional velcro holders for two larger harmonicas (e.g. Chromatic) or longish microphones (e.g. SHURE 545 SD).
  • If you fill the upper two racks with 13 instruments (7+6) there is enough space left for cable, microphone and tools in the lower part (also fits for bullet-like mics like the Green Bullet or Astic).
  • 12 instruments of all keys can be sorted like an octave of a piano keyboard!
  • Equipped with a practical shoulder strap with pad.
  • Small outer dimensons (30 x 19 x 9 cm, 11.8 x 7.5 x 3.5 in), rounded edges and light-weight (550g, 17 oz).

Harps and gear not included.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Martel
Great case for the money

This is a great harmonica case. I have several 1847's with bold covers which is about as wide as a diatonic harp gets and I don't mind the tight fit.

You would also be hard pressed to find a better guy to buy harps and equipment from. I give him 5 stars too!

Love this case!

The nice hard shell protects my investment and the shoulder strap allows me to easily carry my harps while carrying my amp and a bunch of gear. The middle insert zips out and you can attach it to your belt so if you want to go light you can carry 6 harps on your belt. There is also room for a mic and if I'm only carrying a 14 harps my mic cable will fit in the case too. Another reviewer complained about the harps fitting too tight but the pockets loosen up a little with time and are perfect. Overall, the best portable case I've come across.

David deForrest
Lots of slots but not much use a a gig

Like the text says, it holds a zillion harps. But if you think you're going to get them in and out of those slots under any kind of playing conditions, think again. Certainly not if they're Seydel 1847 Nobels. The slots are super-tight and fitting a harp in even with bright light and a comfortable workspace is tricky. At a gig somewhere, you'll be gumming up the works. You will surely be leaving stuff lyhing around all over the place in total frustration.