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The first 16-hole Chromatic Harmonica with a tonal range of four full octaves and stainless steel reeds.Solo C

The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is a professional chromatic harmonica with uniquely-inspired technical developments that sets new standards in terms of sound, airtightness, playability, and reliability.

The high-quality, contemporary ergonomic design guarantees longevity and maximum playing comfort, leaving nothing to be desired.


The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic ACRYL has a transparent-green acrylic body and halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece. Both variants will be shipped in a compact and stable case.



    New slider option! The openings of the standard slider are 25% larger. The sound is full and loud. The professional-slider has a 2mm shorter action and is optimised for excellent tone control especially if you play soft pieces at lower volumes. The slider of the SYMPHONY can be changed easily and within 20 seconds. Both sliders are part of the package.


    The recessed reedplates (1mm) are precision cut from anti-corrosive German silver. Hand-tuning of the 64 stainless-steel reeds, tight tolerances, and newly developed SEYDEL valves (with less adhesive than conventional valves) create an instrument with precise tone control and a rich sound with a tonal range of four full octaves.


    The variant 'ALU' has a black anodized aluminium comb (total weight 438g / 15.5Oz), the variant 'ACRYL' has a translucent-green colored acrylic comb (total weight 362g / 12.8Oz). Both are CNC-milled and perfectly balanced.


    Solid, die-cast, coated aluminium coverplates are screwed on individually providing a design that is widely-opened at the back for a balanced feel and dynamic, full, warm sound projection in all four octaves.


    The precisely-fit, stable slider, made from 1mm German Silver, has an ergonomically convex-shaped, silver coated slider button with soft surface for the finger. Each slider is individually lapped together with the mouthpiece and works therefore very silently and is extremly airtight.

    It can be serviced very easy by unscrewing only one single screw on the back of the comb and pulling the slider out for easy cleaning.


    The comb accommodates the provided carrying strap, made from genuine leather and with a SEYDEL embossing, to securely harness the instrument. It can be attached either on the right or the left side of the SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic.


    The SYMPHONY 'ACRYL' has a halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece. Both variants are silver-coated and screwed on from the backside of the comb to provide optimal playing comfort with no screw heads on the outer surface of the mouthpiece for better haptic properties.


      The SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic offers an inimitable sound and a tonal range of four full octaves (C3-C7) and is suitable for many musical genres ranging from classical music to jazz. The very airtight SYMPHONY offers unimagined possibilities of expression and marks a new dimension in manufacturing harmonicas.

      Each SYMPHONY Grand Chromatic is shipped in a compact harmonica case made of a very durable polymer material. The foam-insert is designed to carry two instruments: it exactly fits the SYMPHONY GRAND CHROMATIC or any other 16-hole chromatic, as well as the SYMPHONY 48, the DE LUXE STEEL or SAXONY, or any other 12-hole Chromatic harmonica.

      Tip: if you carry only one instrument in the Compact Chrom Case, there is enough space left to pack a sensitive microphpone system inside the case - this makes it the ideal road case for artists who are performing regularly.


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      Customer Reviews

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      David Kettlewell
      best of the best


      This is a most welcome addition to the harmonica world from Seydel, which I consider the finest mainline chromatic harmonica company in the world based on product quality, service, and parts availability. Big statement, but it’s earned.

      I am a customizer and prototype developer noodle head, and this is the only harp I’ve played which needed no customization to perform at its peak. Oh dear, what shall I do?

      Seydel Symphony, available in two configurations: ALU with aluminum comb and trapezoidal mouthpiece, and the AKRYL in green acrylic comb with rounded mouthpiece, (I play the ALU) is packed full of meaning design improvements which spell value to you.

      First off, if you don’t know it, Seydel harps are made in Germany (they are the last remaining German firm producing harps, Hohner is now 95% Asian owned), use stainless steel reeds…these are very long lasting and stable, and respond to breath very quickly. (Unlike Suzuki which solders reeds right onto the reedplate, making reed replacement near impossible for the hobbyist as you’d have to drill a hole in the reedplate for the replacement reed, and you cannot get reeds in any event (Suzuki offers almost no parts in the U.S. beyond complete reedplate sets at close to the cost of a new harp)…Seydel uses rivets to hold on the reeds, so you can order a new reed from the manufacturer, pull the offending reed, and put a new one in. All parts for Seydel harps are available on their websites.

      Other basics…this is a 16 hole chromatic harmonica which means you get 4 full octaves and then some, actual range is C3 to D7. (C3 is one octave lower than middle C on a piano.) This means you can play pretty much any piece of music you want.

      The Symphony is a SIGNIFICANT DEPARTURE for Seydel in many ways.

      The physical profile of the harp is much larger than Saxony, it’s longer, deeper and fatter, and very comfortable to hold.

      The covers are cast aluminum and shape the sound making all octaves even as regards tonal harmonic footprint, they have scallops for your fingers to grip, and open at their back to project sound like a trumpet. The covers have a much greater effect on a harmonica’s sound than is generally recognized. Each cover has its own set of screws holding them on, so you can remove one cover and the other is still attached. This protects the harp a bit as you take it apart.

      The Slide button is Ergonomic, and convex, with a polymer center warm to the touch with a tiny bit of grip. This increases comfort in play.

      Airtightness is a principal characteristic of top pro harps and this harp is as airtight as I’ve ever seen, stock or customized, right from the manufacturer.

      The comb top is sanded flat, and the double thick blank and slide are precision-shaped and less likely to bend if the harp is taken apart. The mouthpiece which is solid brass is cut by CNC and is fit absolutely precisely to the other mouthpiece components, so you give the instrument the slightest breath, and the reeds respond.

      An airtight harp gives you better tone, faster play, and the ability to control bends and vibrato and volume in optimal fashion.

      Reedplates are German Silver, which is a very high grade material.

      Again, the instrument is made in two configurations: black Aluminum comb ALU with trapezoidal mouthpiece, or green Akrylic comb AKRYL in rounded mouthpiece They both are serviceable, and I’d describe the AKRYL tone as a bit warmer, but the ALU comb most durable in the years ahead. I suppose ideally, I’d like both.

      (Of course I play harps with a Kettlewell Frictionless Mouthpiece Slider, which makes movements to new note hole positions friction free, and a the lips play dry, the harp stays clean. If you don’t know what this is, go to the website MASTERSOFHARMONICA.COM to see explanatory videos off the links at top of the homepage.

      On with the show…

      A huge departure in design relates to the SLIDE, or device which you activate the button of to get your sharps and flats, called accidentals.

      Ending problems with scored slides caused by the slide popping off the top of a slide spring on the right side of the harp during reassembly, SEYDEL SYMPHONY has its slide spring at the left side of the harp, and it is enclosed…to remove the slide you simply unscrew the mouthpiece screw at the right bottom of the harp comb (yes, the mouthpiece screw comes UP from the BOTTOM of the harp- leaving the top of the mouthpiece smooth (thus protecting your lips in play from damage from the mouthpiece screw which can get buggered) and pull out the Slide.

      The harp is precision-built, so correct pressure on mouthpiece components is not really controlled by the tension of the mouthpiece screws as on a typical harp. Instead, the mouthpiece screws simply hold the parts together rather gently…the fit being so good, airtightness results.

      To clean the Slide, just remove the ...