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Unique: comb, mouthpiece and sound cover are  made of solid brass  , polished and lacquered - the heart of the instrument are our tried and tested  stainless steel reeds. This unique  combination of soft and hard materials  ensures an  amazing feel and an exquisite sound ! The  VOLCANY Chromatic  - THE ERUPTION OF SOUND.

Technical details:

• High-precision brass comb, polished to a high gloss and with a special coating

• Sound cover made of highly polished brass; Special coating with very good sliding properties - very lip-friendly, wide open on the back - for undamped emission of the sound rich in overtones

• Mouthpiece with very good sliding properties made of highly polished brass with a special coating; crescent-shaped and with round canal openings

• Slider package - optimized for improved airtightness; very good mobility due to fixed tolerances between the mouthpiece and slide track

• full, loud sound and quick response through the use of stainless steel reeds: very durable and tuning stable even under heavy use

• Less air consumption thanks to optimized nickel silver reed plates - optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between tongue and slot

• Reliable ventilation - proven valve material (knobbed)

• in solo or orchestra tuning

• Total weight of the instrument: 440 g / 15.5 oz

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Tip: Mouthpiece, airtightness and mouthpice screws of the VOLCANY Chromatic

On the VOLCANY the space in between the moutpiece and the comb is defined by the construction of the slider basis and the mouthpiece itself.

The tolerance is as is and the mouthpiece cannot be altered to be even more airtight by fastening the mouthpiece screws more and more. In fact the winding in the comb can suffer a lot by fastening the mouthpiece screws to tightly.

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