Suzuki Sirius Reed Plates RPS-48-C, RPS-56C-C, RPS-64-C

Suzuki Sirius Reed Plates - RPS-48-C,RPS-56S-C, RPS-56C-C, RPS-64-C includes free US shipping


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Sirius RP-48C key of C 12 Hole Reed Plates 
Sirius RP-S56C key of C 14 Hole Cross Align Reed Plates  
Sirius RPS-56S 14 Hole Straight Align Reed Plates
Sirius RPS-64 16 Hole Cross Align Reed Plates 

As with all replacement reed plate sets, fine tuning adjustments might be needed. Plese consider contacting a harp tech to help you.
Includes one blow and one draw plate.

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