Suzuki Pure Harp MR-550 Key of D includes Free USA Shipping

Suzuki Pure Harp MR-550 Key of D includes Free USA Shipping


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Key: D

Suzuki has researched and developed unique professional grade harmonicas.

Using the most seasoned tonewoods and unique construction technique, Suzuki proudly offers a new line of harmonicas in Rosewood. Rosewood has been sought after by top musicians from all over the globe, from Classical Guitar players to top Violinists. This wood allows unique tonal qualities and when used in harmonica construction, gives a warmer tone. Rosewood can produce a high velocity of sound and a broad range of mid and low overtones.

The re-designed reeds are the heart of the instrument. They have been produced with the advanced player in mind. However, this new reed design makes it easier to play the instrument chromatically, right out of the box!

The MR-550 is Suzuki's newest all-hardwood Harmonica. Even the covers are Rosewood! It gives this model a rich, dark and bluesy tone that will have your audience begging for more. The richness of this harmonica is unmatched and if you are looking for a traditional sound, look no further.

Case Included

Order replacement reed plates from here

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