Suzuki Sirius S-56S/S-56C. Includes Free USA Shipping

Suzuki Sirius S-56S/S-56C. Includes Free USA Shipping


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Both are in Key of C

The Suzuki 'Sirius' combines excellent sound production and elegant design which will impress both audience and players alike. Suzuki have used their vast experience and knowhow to create the 'Fabulous' series, which in turn lead to the creation of the 'Sirius'. Every detail about the design of the 'Sirius' has been carefully researched, resulting in a new standard of Chromatic Harmonica. This unique model allows the player to perform a wider range of playing expressions. Covers: Brass with Mat Black Chrome Plating. Reed Plate: Brass with chrome plating. Reed: Phosphor Bronze. Mouthpiece: Brass with Silver Plating

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Weighted body

This is the difference!

Weight is attached to Sirius in order to add stiffness and mass inside the main body.Due to this, it is succeeded to create a sound that has never existed.

Harmonica contains many harmonics, and this harmonics forms the bright and flowery tone. Depending on the design of reed and the material and design of body, the ratio of this harmonics changes and it makes the sounds peculiar to each model.

Harmonica body with low rigidity such as plastics is characterized by light and bright tone emphasizing relatively middle to high range notes by the body vibrating and the element of harmonics that shapes the tone is absorbed. It also features a sound that spreads from the body that vibrates and sound like the entire instrument. Furthermore this bright tone is more emphasized depending on the shape of the reed.

On the other hand, since the body with a high rigidity like metal body is hard to vibrate, it makes sound without losing harmonics such as low note range. As the body does not vibrate, it is possible to obtain the sound from a small delicate to a big sound with core.

Sirius is the ultimate standard of Chromatic Harmonica combining well-balanced sound that is thick with core and moderately spreading sound, which were developed by the reed design cultivated in Fabulous series and the newly designed weighted body.

Tone (Image)
Harmonica tone of Low stiffness body.

Sirius tone of weighted body

Spread of sound

A generic plastic body conveys
sound and spreads lightly.

Sirius body
New sound that combines the sound
with core and wideness with optimal
body balance.

Metal solid body
High rigidity and mass transfer reed
vibration without leaving and have a
large dynamic range.

Adapting Fabulous reed obtaining tremendous admiration from players.


Suzuki's phosphor bronze reeds use special phosphor bronze which is particularly good in spring among the material. A newly designed reed for Fabulous draws out the performance of this material to the utmost limit and creates a thick and sticky sound. It is not a light blowing comfort that blows easily, it is a reed that will respond to the performer from a small sound to the last sticky sound. This reed which optimally designed the best material with the latest technology is also advancing in durability.

Matt finished cover & high precision processing silver plating mouthpiece

A black chrome-plated cover finished in a matt gives a smooth feeling which has never existed when holding mouth.

Feeling on mouth and smooth well, combined with silver plated mouthpiece with antimicrobial effect realized smooth performance ever exsisted.

The clearance (gap) between the mouthpiece and slide greatly affects the performance of the instrument with a slight difference in accuracy. Suzuki's chromatic mouthpiece realizes slide action with little air leakage by highly accurate machining.

Slide action that is suitable for each model

The 14-hole model S-56S is a short stroke slide.

Because the moving distance is short which makes changing notes quick, so that it is advantageous to play fine sound use. Besides the hole on mouthpiece is smaller than cross alignment, it is characterized as an easy to control sound with moderate resistance.

*Short stroke
The 14-hole model S-56C is a long stroke slide.

Because the moving distance is large which makes hole on mouthpieace wider, so that much breath can be sent. The response of sound and the sound spread are good well and particularly the bass notes can obtain powerful sound.

Long stroke


Range 14-hole, 56 notes g~d4(G3 - D7)
Material Brass (Blasting processing)+black chrome plating cover
ABS+brass weight body
Brass+silver plating mouthpiece
Slide action Long stroke (cross alignment) or Short Stroke (straight alignment)
Dimension 177×45×31mm
Weight 368g
Accessory ABS case

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