Kongsheng Baby Fat High Quality 7 Hole Diatonic Harmonica includes Free USA Shipping


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Each key is a different color:
G - Yellow, A - Blue, Bb - Purple, C - Red, D - Pink, F - Green

Available in Standard Richter, Paddy, Country, and Natural Minor tunings!

The best diatonic harmonica from KONGSHENG

This is a product that pays attention to detail

  • Designed for professional use
  • High quality phosphor bronze reeds & brass plate
  • Special surface treatment on cover plates makes the color look soft
  • Stable structural design & precise machining process

Item specifics
Brand Name: KONGSHENG. Made in China.
Tuning: Diatonic Richter, Natural Minor, Paddy Richter, Country
Holes: 7 1-7 on a standard diatonic, no high notes.
Reed Plate Material: Phosphor Bronze
Cover Plate Material: Aluminum
Comb Resin
Type: Blues
Model Number: Baby Fat
Keys: G, A, Bb, C, D, F


Natural Minor: Labeled in First Position

Paddy Richter:


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bought A Whole Set

I saw these Kongsheng Baby Fat harmonicas & thought: too small, too cheap, too Chinese. But everything I saw online seemed to indicate these might be a really good buy on a quality harp.
So I bought one in Am. Loved it. I bought another in Dm just to make sure the 1st wasn’t a fluke. Loved it too. I ended up buying all the minor keys they offered.
These ALL played great, right out of the box. Gaps were good, tuning was spot on. Nice sound, not ‘airy’. The covers do not pull my beard. Though I seldom play amplified, these are really nice with a mic. I don’t miss the upper notes.
I still think Kongsheng is a Commie plot to sell us quality harps at an unbeatable price to get us addicted before they raise their prices.
My wife says I already own too many harps; but I just might sneak a couple others from this company. Of course, I will only buy them from Rockin’ Ron.

John Bradt
Kongsheng Baby Fat

I love the Kongsheng line of Harmonicas!
so I decided to check out the Baby Fat.
It’s cute!
I think with the high end packaging
it would be an excellent gift!

I wouldn’t call it a toy, but it’s not a harp you’d want to jam with ????
It’s unbelievably lightweight & well built, but the reeds are not what you’d want for serious playing!

Overall I’d say it’s a well made Novelty Item & a really cool little gift!

Otherwise if you want something more serious for playing I’d go with any of the other great harps Kongsheng offers!

My new favorite Harmonica over all my others is the MARS Kongsheng!
????John Bradt

Joshua Johnson
I mean...

I have two of these in country and paddy tuning, both are really great for the price. The packaging was impressive, but the harmonica didn't feel like anything special during my initial unboxing. However, they both played so good out of the box. They have fun covers, have many tuning options, are fairly unique and are priced reasonably. 5 stars deserved for what they are.

Good with caveat

I have already purchased two of these in C. I really like the sound, feel, ease of playing, and smaller size. . However, the 5 Draw reed failed on both in a very short time. Once, maybe me, twice not so sure about that. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I will try once more because I so like the overall feel.

Okay, China, Pretty Good

I bought this as an experiment in Key of C, standard. I like the shorter size of these, comparable to the Seydel Big Six, but to me, a more useful arrangement of notes. It looks great and is easy to throw in a pocket. The sound is pretty good and I found it noticeably easier to play than the Seydel, way less wind required.(I'm near 70) The quality appears good, well packaged and a nice lanyard if you need it. I'm a long term dabbler, not a pro, with a bunch of Special 20's and a Seydel or two, and am impressed with the look and feel of this Chinese import. Pretty fair price for a harp these days. Now we see how it hangs together with my fairly regular amateur use.