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Brand : Kongsheng

Model : KB -12

Color : Gray, White, Blue, Crystal

Reed : Phosphorus Bronze

Keys : C, A, G

 We noticed Kongsheng does not provide key labels for the KB-12. Just FYI



Comb and reed plate assembly simply slots into housing, permitting tool-less disassembly and reassembly.


The plastic cover / mouthpiece unit is extremely airtight for a unique sound and fast response


Specially designed Reed and Reeds Plates


Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.


Eye catching ABS comb made in one piece to give reliable performance under any climatic condition

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Brian Brazil
Kongsheng KB 12 Boogieman Chromatic Harmonica

It has the smoothest, quietest and fastest slide mechanism I've played in a chromatic harmonica in 48 years. It sounds great and is lighter than any wood comb or metal comb chromatic too.




Excellent service and great quality harmonics. You know what you’re getting when you buy from these guys.

Richard Hunter
High value for money

At $70 this instrument punches well above its weight class. It is loud and responsive with a smooth and quiet slide. Out of the box it was well tuned with no valve noise. The mouthpiece is an improvement over the fat standard CX12 mouthpiece. I've deducted 1 point because the reeds above high Bb don't sound clearly or easily. Most players, especially in the blues style, won't notice or worry about that. In any case, this chromatic is a bargain.

AT Valleau
Surprisingly Good Chromatic!

Clearly this is a copy of the Hohner CX-12. I had a CX-12 back in the 90s and loved it. Back then the CX-12 was relatively new on the market and cost a lot less than it does now (compared to most other good quality chromatics of the time). I have the crystal (clear) version and I've been playing this Kongsheng KB-12 for two or three weeks now, and I am very pleased with it. It is very air-tight, seems to be in tune, and is very responsive. The tone is bright and clear. The slide works very quietly and smoothly, too. It is easy to play. Now, I am not a professional player, and I can't say for sure that this KB-12 is as good as the CX-12, or that it will hold up as well, but for $70-$75 this is really a surprisingly good harmonica! I don't see how you can go wrong getting one.