Kongsheng Chromatic Harmonica KB-12 PRO Key of C. Includes Free USA Shipping


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*Please Note: KB-12 Ocean Blue is in Orchestra Tuning*

Product Specification:-

Brand : Kongsheng

Model : KB -12 PRO

Color : Brown, Cherry Red, Light Grey, Ocean Blue(Orchestra Tuning)

Reed : Phosphorus Bronze

Comb: Acrylic

Keys : C

 We noticed Kongsheng does not provide key labels for the KB-12. Just FYI



Comb and reed plate assembly simply slots into housing, permitting tool-less disassembly and reassembly.


The plastic cover / mouthpiece unit is extremely airtight for a unique sound and fast response


Specially designed Reed and Reeds Plates


Perfect matched mouthpiece and cover plates to give maximum air tightness.


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