1847 SILVER - Fiddle Tuning Key D. Free USA Shipping.


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1847 SILVER in "Fiddle Tuning" - ideal for playing Irish Folk melodies fluently.

The “Fiddle tuning” is an ideal tuning for playing fiddle tunes on harmonica much more easily than on a usual Richter-tuned harmonica.


The tuning is very similar to the Paddy Richter tuning with its raised blow 3 to get the 6th note of the major scale - but there is an important difference:  

Compared to the Paddy-Richter variant hole 10 is removed (because these notes usually are not used at all). Instead of hole 10, hole number 0 is added at the low end, so 2 very useful notes are added (A3 blow and B3 draw). To understand the tuning better it is therefore numbered from 0 to 9.

This note layout makes the "Fiddle tuning" one of the most versatile and intuitively playable tunings for this style of music: 


Tone table: Fiddle Tuning in the key of D

Many fiddle pieces are played in the key of D major - therefore we offer here the key of D based on the proven and very present sounding 1847 SILVER with tuning stable, durable stainless steel reeds. Give it a try!


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