Bushman Blue Steel. 16-C. 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica Key of C. Includes Free USA Shipping


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The Blue Steel has Chrome plated cover plates and phosphor bronze reeds.  The reed plates are recessed.
Bushman Music says this: 

Of the harmonicas that we’ve tested that cost under $15.00, the “Blue Steel” is the best! Its brass reed plates are recessed into a plastic comb to provide maximum playing comfort. Blue Steels are great for folks just starting out – not yet sure if they want to try to become the next Charlie Musselwhite. Inexpensive enough to give away at Sunday schools, classrooms, family reunions, backyard get-togethers, and as corporate promotions! Large-volume orders are no problem. It comes in a nice black plastic case.

Key of C

A good playing very inexpensive harmonica in the key of C.

Please note: As with most low priced harmonicas you cannot replace the reeds or reed plates on these. Well, some of you techy folks probably can, but is it worth it n a $15 harp? *We feel these play better than others at this price.

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