Hohner Golden Melody Model # 544 (New February 2023) Free USA Shipping.


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Torx countersunk screw for the best leverage and fastening capabilities of any screw on the market. 

 RockinRons includes one bit per order (not per harp).


Innovative Harmonica Design 

The Golden Melody Progressive, HOHNER's only professional diatonic model tuned to equal temperament, has undergone a radical redesign to improve handling, stability and airtightness. While retaining the warm tone which has made it a favorite of single note melody players in many different styles, the new Golden Melody Progressive offers a fuller, more powerful sound, combined with optimal playing comfort. And it looks great too

• Ergonomically formed stainless steel
covers for comfortable handling and
greater stability
• Innovative cover attachment with Torx
countersunk screws  RockinRons includes one bit per order (not per harp).
• Comb with polished ultraglide mouthpiece
and rounded outer edges for enhanced
playing comfort
• Improved airtightness and volume through
new comb and cover design
• Precision milled Hohner Classic brass reeds
• Reed plates cut to finest tolerances for
maximum airtightness
• Tempered tuning, ideal for single note
melody playing in different styles
• Beautiful, sturdy case made of high
quality printed cardboard
• Available in all 12 major keys

Reeds Brass, 0,9mm

Comb ABS, red

Cover Plates Stainless Steel 

 Torx countersunk screw for the best leverage and fastening capabilities of any screw on the market. 

 RockinRons includes one bit per order (not per harp).

bit labeled “T7” fits perfectly in this Torx screw

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An underrated change to my favorite harp

I'm a huge fan of the original Hohner Golden Melody and it's my favorite harmonica to date. When I heard that Hohner was going to change it in 2023, I was very skeptical with how it was going to play. I started playing the original version in July of 2020 because of my harmonica hero, Terry McMillan, who played it up from the late 1970s until his passing in 2007. I refused to believe that the design change was a good thing because I heard the new version was bad. So I refused to buy the new one for the longest time.
How I got one in my hands was because of somebody on Facebook named Adam Winrich. He sent me a Bulletini and a 2023 Golden Melody in the key of A for Christmas last year. The harp was actually a pleasant surprise as it was airtight despite what my friends who also tried it out told me. I also thought it would be awkward to hold due to the divet in the back, but the fingers in my hand were able to cross over it and hold it just fine without any problems. How somebody thought the divet is a place to hold your fingers at, I don't know how they came up with that. Timbre-wise, both the original and the redesign sound almost identical, with the redesign sounding a tad bit brighter. I think the back of the harp being mostly open contributed to the slight tone change. Also for those who want to play amplified and are used to the original, it is going to be very bright through an amp unless if you used a mid/bass heavy sound (which I don't). So proceed with caution.
Also, can people stop complaining about the tuning on these harps to me? I get it you're used to Marine Bands, but can you please not shun me for having my harmonica tuning sound like the harp playing I grew up on? They can be used for blues too, not just for melodies. Check out Paul deLay, Terry McMillan, and Sonny Terry's later recordings. They sound just fine as they are.

ron king
very good harp

i like it. i can't compare to old model because i never really played one. i will say this new one is thicker and fits my mouth a lot better. the wider open back is better. the sound is great and it is just as loud as my rockets


Sounds good. Bends really easy. Not as comfortable to my mouth as the Special 20, but just as easy to play and sounds great for single notes and melodies.



Tone not as good as old model

In many ways this feels like a well-made harp, played well right out of the box, still as easy to play as ever, but to my ear the tone just doesn't sound as good as the old models. Sounds thinner and not as beautiful. Tone and ease of play were the main reasons I loved Golden Melody.
I probably won't be buying any more of these.