Kongsheng Bluebird High Quality 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica includes Free USA Shipping


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This is a product that pays more attention to detail

  • Designed for professional use
  • High quality phosphor bronze reeds & brass plates
  • Chrome-plated copper cover with color of jewelry blue
  • Food grade ABS comb, smooth feel and non stick lips
  • Stable structural design& precise machining process

Brand Name: KONGSHENG. Made in China.
Body Material: Resin
Number of Holes: 10
Tuning: Diatonic
Cover Material: Stainless Steel
Reed Material: Phosphor Bronze
Model Number: BlueBird RE-20
Comb: ABS
Product Dimension: About 100*27*20mm
Product Weight: About 84g
Reeds: 1.0mm Brass

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
D. Barnowski
High Quality, Good Looking

The Bluebird is very smooth to hold and smooth sounding. I got a Bb and found it tight and a bit of a workout compared to Lee Oskar or Hohner of similar keys. More like a Seydel steel. It has excellent tone when mic'd with closed ends on the covers and a resin comb instead of ABS plastic. Solid in hand and weighted just right. At this price I consider it a bargain.

Richard Hunter
One of the best in its price class

The Bluebird is a responsive, good sounding instrument, and surprisingly durable at this price point. It also looks good, which helps to make it fun to play. In its price class, it's one of the leaders in terms of value for money.

John M
This thing sings!

I can’t say enough good things about this instrument. I have five of them in my collection and they are fantastic. Nearly identical to the Suzuki Olive for less and the color is beautiful. I wouldn’t hesitate buying another.

Robert Galante
Kongsheng Bluebird

I am also very enthusiastic for the Kongsheng Bluebird. It has a strong, bright sound. The embouchure is smooth. Its construction is sturdy. The Reed plates are held to the comb with 5 screws, not three. As best I can tell, these guys are really trying to make a great instrument. The attention to detail is fantastic. The Bluebird is as least as good as a Special 20,IMHO. I also gave Kongsheng Mars and Kongsheng Solist. These are top shelf instruments too.

John Bradt
I love the Bluebird Kongsheng!

I love the Bluebird Kongsheng!

I was going to write a long detailed review of why I like the Bluebird so much, but I'm not articulate enough to put into words how much I love this Harmonica! They are different than anything I've ever played before!

This is my new 2nd favorite Harmonica!
My new absolutely favorite Harmonica is the Mars Kongsheng!

I own Seydels, Hohners & Suzuki's of several different models & over all for many reasons I like the new Kongsheng harps more than I thought I ever would!

If Kongsheng keeps focusing on making better and better Harmonicas I may only be buying them from now on!

You can't find a better Harmonica for the same price!

Buy one and give it a try!

John B