Kongsheng Mars with Aluminum Comb High Quality 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica includes Free USA Shipping


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All keys and colors in stock. The Gold/Gold and Black/Black are an additional $5.00
*** Please note the Black and Black is very black. The pics make them look kind of dark grey.

M1, as the first round hole harmonica of Kongsheng, has superior bendability, awesome response, excellent airtightness and bright tone.

* Round hole provides more comfortable playing
* Adopting new process and design for the comb, which creates very smooth hand feeling.
* Stainless steel covers with an aluminum comb

This harp is perfect for beginners, and also a recommended go-to harp for professional players

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stoney Brooks
Dang near as good OTB as my custom harps!

I loved the plastic comb Mars, and I like the heavier feel of my chromatics with aluminum combs, so I jumped for an all gold aluminum Mars. I loved it - tight, loud and even more responsive. Now I'm building a complete set of all gold aluminum Mars - nine so far.
After more than a year of playing these things OTB, I haven't had to re-tune or replace any of them. I don't fool around with overblows,, but for players who do, the Mars might benefit from some custom tuning. But so far, even though tuning affects the way you play, I don't think it's worth the trouble. Maybe someday, but I don't play my custom harps any more. These aluminum Mars do the job.
PS: I'm really rough on harps. I abuse them terribly. However, even though I have a complete set of the plastic comb Mars, I woodshed with the aluminum ones. These aluminum Mars are tough.

super Harp

Like others that have reviewed, I have played Hohners, suzukis and easttop diatonics. I loved my Suzuki promasters for years. I have been playing my chromatics more, including a Kong Shen Lyra 12 hole, which is superb, so I find the round holes superior to the square holes. These mars harps are responsive, sensitive and a joy to play right out of the box, better than any of my other blues harps. I have purchased 5 so far, and have felt no need to jack around with the reeds. That may change with time but I love these things as is. Also they are priced competitively with other brands. Buy one and check it out, you won't regret it.

Scott McCullough
Becoming my front-line harps

I've played many brands and models of diatonics over the decades. These aluminum Mars models have quickly become my favorites. Their tone, projection, and feel are unparalleled. I've become so accustomed to the round holes that I now find traditional harps awkward for both lip blocking and tongue blocking. I'm building a complete set of Kongshengs as my front-line harps, and moving all my Hohners and Seydels to backup duty. The plastic-comb Mars play well, so I'm buying them in rarely-used keys. But for keys I play most often, these aluminum combs are well worth the investment. They're a real treat to play.

Larry C
Larry C

I purchased the gold in Ab with the round holes. Did not like it that much until I gapped the reeds and lightly optimized the reed slots. That changed everything. It's almost perfect now. Might enlarge the holes just a touch. Would use a file or a drill. But I'm afraid to try it. Might destroy the comb. It is a very comfortable harp to play. Thanks Ron for having them available.

Nice harp

I was intrigued by the round holes when I bought my first Mars. The follow up purchase with the aluminum comb, impressive. Easy to play,sound quality is very good,seem to have increased volume over the plastic comb.